Digital Learning Platform offers a modular, Cloud-based platform that can be tailored to suit your organizations specific learning needs.

Tailored content

We can work with you to assess your organizations learning needs, and create a customized schedule of courses to meet them.

Customized apps

The right combination of learning tools and apps can then be configured to enable the delivery of this content.

Features and Services offers a rich feature set of services.

Integrated Environment

A variety of different tools are integrated together to provide a rich functionality set, all within a singular learning environment.

Progress Reporting

All aspects of the adoption success of your learning programs can be monitored and reported on.

Development Labs

Harness the cost and performance benefits of Cloud, to automate the setup of virtual IT lab environments.


The building block components that can be coupled together to create your tailored learning environment.

Multimedia content

Easily create a compelling portfolio of interactive content that makes learning fun and engaging.

Automated Email Learning

Define a series of learning journeys and automate the ‘drip feed’ delivery and engagement so that learning is integrated into day to day working.


Create a rewards system that increases participation and adoption of learning materials.

Virtual Classrooms

Powerful WebRTC based Ultra HD video conferencing classrooms, with interactive whiteboards, document reader and annotation tools, and shared screens and code editing.

Development Labs

Set up training labs in minutes, including replicating to thousands of trainee environments. Monitor and interact with each student environment individually or from a central console.

Performance Reporting

Set learning goals for individuals and track their progress towards attaining them. Define the exact path you want your learners to follow with content, courses, objectives.